lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014


Today a plate full of season flaavour, boletus mushrooms lasagna and roast pumpkin, easy and delicious.

Preparation time: 45 minutes.
Degree of difficulty: Medium

Ingredients for 4 people.
For lasagne:

A large sweet onion.
350 grams of pumpkin long.
Three large boletus mushrooms.
Dry white wine.
Olive oil.
Three wafers lasagna noodles per person.
Cheese gratin.
Cream of Balsamic vinegar.

For the bechamel.
Olive oil.
Three tablespoons of flour.
A knob of butter.

Step 1. First, set the oven to warm up for the lower and put the cut sliced unpeeled pumpkin, add a little oil, a little wine and salt. We let it do the rest while roast.

Step 2. Cut the onion finely and put to pochar in a little olive oil over low heat. While the boletus mushrooms clean pocha remember if we can avoid them under water better, try to scrape them with a knife and debris removal with a damp paper towel.

Step 3. After cleaning the boletus mushrooms, chop in the not very large squares and put them also to pochar the onion, add a little pepper, salt and a little ass wine glass, letting it poche / bake.

Step 4. Meanwhile, we look at the pumpkin, you do not have to roast a lot, then just fry without be able pureed. If the pumpkin is already, we get it and peel, as this medium roast is best peeled.

Step 5. Chop pumpkin into cubes and set aside. Now we have to do something very important, which is to drain the boletus mushrooms and onion to the pochar become very fatty, but the juice that we draw we will use (part of it) to pochar the pumpkin and make it finish. Once finished incorporate the boletus mushrooms and onion mixture and tried whether to add salt or pepper, reserve.

Step 6. Meanwhile, boil lasagna wafers as they are at the point we took them out and started to place one on each plate. (I explain, today we will have individual lasagnas, so you end up lasagna on the plate itself where we eat). We started to put the filling, I made two story per person, and add an acid twist in one of the floors, I added a bit at the cream of balsamic vinegar gives it a special touch and lightens the flavors.

Step 7. Once structured lasagna, make the bechamel, as unto you like, I have a little flour fried in olive oil to lose flavor, I add butter and salt and finally the milk and begin to stirring until thickened.
One tip, be practical, as it starts to thicken, put him beater and never will have lumps. Finally we put a little nutmeg, which gives a very interesting twist.
Step 8. We distributed the Bechamel over the lasagne and some cheese to your liking, we gratinate, and you're ready.

And you know ...... ..The food first!