jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014


Today I made my way a classic, the truth is that it takes a little longer than usual because I like to do chup chup-as the subtle flavors are great together.
Preparation time: two hours
Degree of difficulty: Medium

Ingredients for four people:

12 fresh large clams.
500 grams of white kidney bean.
A large onion.
Two leeks.

Two stalks of celery.
A large red pepper.
Olive oil.
Half a glass of white wine
Three tablespoons of brandy / cognac

Step 1.-Chop finely the onion leeks celery and bell pepper.

Step 2. Fry slowly these ingredients in olive oil.

Step 3.- Put on the white beans overnight in salt water to hydrate.

Step 4.-Wash the clams in plenty of water when they are clean and put them in the pot where we fried vegetables and cover to be opened.

Step 5. Meanwhile, put to heat the beans in fresh water until they begin to boil.

Step 6. Once opened clams add two glasses of water and white wine until it starts to boil, once it does it add the beans that are also boiling in another pileup, but do not add that water, only the Jewish.

Step 7.- We add salt and bay leaf and put to simmer. If we need, add some more water to the beans to avoid sticking. When it pass 20 minutes or so, simmering, add the Brandy flamed once to remove the alcohol.

Step 8.- Well ... and now to wait an hour and a half to make the beans and broth to make a creamy texture, be careful they do not stick.

And you know ...... ..The food first!