domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015



Here you have a wonderful cold melon soup for hot days, I hope you like it

Preparation time: 15 minutes.
Degree of difficulty: Easy.

Ingredients: For 3 servings.
1/2 cantaloupe.
10/15 cashews.
2 limes.
4 tablespoons coconut milk.
Olive oil.
75 gr. shavings of serrano ham or prosciutto.
A few leaves of fresh mint.

Step 1. The first and most important is that the melon is tasty. Peel half and we remove the pipes and incorporate meat in a mixer vessel.

Step 2. We beat the melon and when this liquid add cashews that will add texture and meatiness. I added 15 because I really like this creamy soup.

Step 3. When this integrated whole, and left a thin cream, add a tablespoon of olive oil a pinch of salt to our taste and the juice of two limes and beat again.

Step 4. When all incorporated add the 4 tablespoons of coconut milk and add salt.

Step 5. Whisk everything and finally add the basil leaf and beat again.

Step 6. Serve very cold and when fitting add chips of ham or prosciutto, he added that salty touch of contrast.

Step 7. I also once you've added a little spice, whether or jalapeno pepper, which gives an interesting twist.

I hope you like it!!!!

And you know ...... ..The food first!